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Beauty and the Beast trailer breaks 24-hour viewing record
The latest trailer for Beauty and the Beast was viewed a record number of times in its first day online.
According to Disney, the two-minute promo was watched 127.6 million times across all digital platforms
in the 24 hours following its release on Monday.
The Hollywood Reporter said that trumped the 114 million views notched up
by the trailer for Fifty Shades Darker in September.
Beauty and the Beast will be released in the UK and US in March 2017.
Emma Watson and Dan Stevens play the title roles in the live-action remake of Disney's 1991 animation.
In the trailer, Watson's Belle can be seen meeting Stevens' Beast for the first time.
It also features such characters as Belle's father and the braggart Gaston, played by Kevin Kline and Luke Evans respectively.

引用元: エマ・ワトソン主演「美女と野獣」の予告編が24時間で1億2760万回再生される